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Thursday’s Thought – January 5th

Thursday’s Thought

This week we have been reading the first few chapters in the Gospel of John.  I love the Gospel of John.  When I read it I think of the Apostle John, Jesus best friend, writing these words under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  He was probably pretty old when he wrote the his Gospel.  He is writing down his experiences with Jesus so that the Church for the rest of time would have this God-inspired record of who exactly Jesus was, what he said and did, and how his life, ministry, death, and resurrection changed everything.  

John starts his gospel with “In the beginning was the Word”.  That sentence purposefully reminds us of the first sentence in the Bible “In the beginning God created . . . “  John is connecting the Word (Capital ‘W’) with the Genesis account of creation.  “The Word was with God and the Word was God.”  This capital ‘W’ Word, whom John tells us is Jesus, was responsible for and an active part in creation.

Although we may get the connection to the Genesis creation account, many of us miss another connection that John is making in the first few sentences of his Gospel.  The greek word for this capital ‘W’ Word, is the greek word logos.  Where we get the word logic from.  This word logos was a philosophically loaded term during the time of the Apostle John.  It was a term in Greek philosophy that represented the deep, hidden, mysterious, and divine wisdom that was the foundation for all human understanding and truth.  

By starting his gospel “in the beginning was the logos (‘The Word’)” John was connecting the dots from great Spiritual truth of the Jewish scriptures through the great philosophical truths of the Greek philosophers all the way to great foundational truth of all things, Jesus Christ.  John, inspired by the Holy Spirit, was telling us that Jesus is God’s great answer.  He is the answer to all our spiritual longings.  He is the answer to all our intellectual searchings.  He is the answer to our need for purpose, our desire for true relationship, and our hunger for ultimate truth.  

In one short sentences, the apostle John shook the worlds understanding to its core.  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

I love how the message says it . . . “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.”  I am so glad he did.

– Pastor Jon

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