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The Countdown – Start with the Why


Start with the Why

When I first felt God calling me to plant a church, I was excited and terrified.  I thought to myself, “This could be great . . .  or . . . this could be a total disaster!”  I wasn’t sure God knew what he was doing when he called me.  I tried to explain to him how this probably wasn’t the best idea. The more I tried to talk him out of it, the more I was certain he was asking me and my family to uproot our lives and move to Charlottesville.  He was calling us to plant Redemption Church Charlottesville.

I remember praying “God . . . why? Why me? Why now? . . . just Why?”

Why? . . . Changed lives! . . . that’s why!

That is the why behind everything.

God is in the business of changing lives, and he uses his church to do it.  He called us to be Redemption Church so that he could use our witness to bring about life change in the countless people we will come into contact with.

Redemption Church Charlottesville WHY statement:

Redemption Church exists to reveal God to all people and to connect us to his redeeming grace, so we may discover a life of purpose, serve our world, and grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

If we start with the why and keep it at the center of everything we do, there is no telling what we can accomplish.  God loves the lost and is willing to go to extreme measures to reach them . . . including calling me (and you) to be the ones who reach them.

How awesome is that!

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