The Countdown – Healing from Brokenness


Isaiah 53:5 –  “by his wounds we are healed.”

When we follow Jesus we find that he whole paradigm on how we understand life changes.  The economy of the Kingdom of God is simply different than the world around us.  I often struggle with this.  I have to constantly come back to the realization that God does not work the way that I do. . . or even the way I think he should.

Healing flows from brokenness.

This makes no sense.  Yet this is how Jesus has taught us to understand healing.  That is what Isaiah is writing about.  Hundreds of years before Christ, the prophet of God is describing the economy of the Kingdom of Jesus.  We can only experience true healing when we are open to being broken.

In Luke 5 Jesus tells the Pharisees and Religious leaders, the ones who refused to allow their own prideful spirits to be broken, that it is not the healthy that need the doctor but it is the sick.  The irony of this passage is that the disease of pride was destroying the hearts of these men who refused to acknowledge that they needed healing.

Healing flows from brokenness.

I am challenged today to once again return to the brokenness that Jesus experienced for me.  Isaiah 53 reminds us that he experienced that brokenness so that we might have a chance to experience the wholeness that only comes through Jesus Christ.

God, help my pharisaical heart.  Let me allow my own life to be broken before Christ so that he can create wholeness through it all.  Although this makes no sense at times . . . It is always beautiful!


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    Joy says

    He doesn’t waste our pain or our joy! Thank you Jesus!

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