Here is how you can join us!

We are always praying for the right people with the right heart and attitude to help connect C-Ville to Jesus. The following are areas you can jump in and help. If you connect with one or more of these areas, please contact us. We would love to meet you!

The Band 

Do you have musical talent you want to use to worship God?  The Redemption Church Band is looking to connect with talented and passionate worshipers.  Our goal is to create a worship experience that is both excellent and authentic.  If you think you might be able to help us accomplish that goal, we would love to connect with you.

The Hospitality Team 

God has been so generous to us. We, in turn, love to be generous to everyone we come into contact with.  If you love to take care of people or you simply like to connect and help others feel at home, the Hospitality Team is a great fit for you.  Redemption Church strives to be a place where all are feel welcome.  We would love to have you help us make that a reality.

The Production Team

Being able to communicate a message with creativity and excellence is so vital to capturing the attention of our community.  If you have ability in the production of video and music and have a desire to use that ability to bring added value to work that matters, you should become a part of the Production Team at RCC.

The Setup & Break Down Team

If you pride yourself on doing the work that it takes to make things happen, the Setup Team and Break Down Team are a great fit.  It takes a lot of muscle and sweat to make a church function, and if your willing to put in the work, we would love to have you.

The Administrative Team

Redemption Church can only be as strong as those who work behind the scenes making sure all the systems function.  If you have talent for planning and follow through, we would love to connect and plug you into the Administrative Team of RCC.

The Prayer Team

John Wesley said that he was convinced God doesn't do anything without prayer and everything through prayer.  Prayer is essential to all aspects of Redemption Church, and we are convinced that without prayer we cannot accomplish anything of worth.  We need those who are willing to commit to prayer for our church and our community.

Join the RCC Team