Countdown – Fight for Joy


A Poor Trade

I often find that I have replaced the spiritual discipline of Joy.  I have traded it in for worry, control, bitterness, sarcasm, criticism, an doubt.  That seems like a stupid trade when I write it down on paper but the reality is that I make that trade too often for me to count.

A Repeated Truth

The Bible says a lot about joy.  It is mentioned over 180 times throughout its pages. It is mentioned as being a gift from God, as being our strength, as being a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and as something that God fills us with in his presence.  It is the result that comes from being a part of a community of God and the key to overcoming life’s trials and setbacks.

More Than a Feeling

It is different from happiness.  It is not circumstantial or based on emotional response.  It is not fleeting nor flimsy.  It is a spiritual discipline.  It is a choice and a act of devotion The Bible describes it as a solid foundational principle that we can build our lives upon.

Worth the Fight

Its worth fighting to maintain.  I know that may seem like a paradox, fighting for joy, but I think the fight is worthwhile.  Over the past week I have begun to make a conscious effort to realize when I am making the foolish trade of the Joy of the Lord for some cheap knock-off of my own design.

When I realize that I am choosing to walk away from the Joy, I begin to fight.  I force myself to reflect on the blessings of God in my life.  I recount all the times in my life when God has shown up in real and powerful ways.  I think about how his love.  I think about how he has changed my heart.  I reflect on his mercy and never-ending grace.  I fight back my own selfishness and pride and allow the gentle truth of God back in . . . I once again find Joy.

Join me in this fight for Joy . . . Its worth it.


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    Laurie says

    I’m in!! I don’t want to trade God’s precious gift of joy for the false realities. Thank you for this message. I needed it this week.

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